Abingdon Badminton at Larkmead

We are a friendly group from around Abingdon who play badminton once a week on Wednesdays.

We usually play doubles games with varied ability but always non-competitively for fun and sociability.


There are no longer any restrictions on numbers and mingling for club nights. However, we ask that you keep avoiding unnecessary proximity and observe the usual sanitation rules.

Please email ahead of club nights if you would like to play but are uncomfortable about mingling. We will try to set aside a court for you to stay among at most six players for the night.

Is it for me?

We are not complete beginners and cannot provide tuition or coaching. Nor are we in a league. If you are not out to win championships but you are able to place a shot at least roughly where you intended then Larkmead Badminton is probably a good match.

Although we predominantly play doubles, it is always possible to find a partner for a singles game.


We play on Wednesdays from 19:30 to 21:30, every week, indefatigably until the next lock-down. (It's only a matter of time, trust me.) We meet next on 4th August 2021.


Larkmead School Sports Hall
Faringdon Road, Abingdon-on-Thames
OX14 1RF


Usually about £45 ‐ £50, three times a year in advance of each term. During the school holidays we charge £5 a night as you go.

Other Badminton Clubs in Abingdon

Young people (7-17) might find Smash! more suitable, who play on Saturday mornings and also provide tuition.

Last updated 18 Oct 2020
Picture: Lana Langlois © 123RF.com